Alabamann Returns with Debut Afrobeats Single “Nah Nah”

London-based Nigerian artist Alabamann returns with "Nah Nah," an Afrobeat single of love and resilience, drawing from his life, hinting at a diverse upcoming album.

London, UK – February 23, 2024 – Alabamann, based in the vibrant music scene of London, makes a comeback to the music scene with his latest single “Nah Nah,” a powerful expression of love, redemption, and resilience in the world of Afrobeats.

Originally from Nigeria, Alabamann gained recognition with his groundbreaking album “Gbemisola” in the reggae genre. Now, with “Nah Nah,” he showcases his versatility as a composer, producer, singer, songwriter, and performer, offering an innovative and unique blend of Western and African sounds.

“Nah Nah” takes listeners on a journey through emotions, drawing from real-life experiences of love and overcoming obstacles. As part of his upcoming album, “Journey,” the song promises to resonate with audiences worldwide, sparking meaningful conversations and touching hearts.

About Alabamann: Formerly known as Alabama, Alabamann is a visionary artist known for blending different music styles and evoking powerful emotions, especially in Afrobeats. Despite facing challenges that took him away from music for decades, he’s back stronger than ever.

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