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Alabamann, born Muhammed Yomi Babajide in Lagos, Nigeria, and currently based in the UK, is rapidly emerging as a prominent figure in the Afrobeats genre.

Inspired by iconic figures such as the Afrobeat legend Fela Kuti, the King of Pop Michael Jackson, and the Godfather of Soul James Brown, Alabamann skillfully blends traditional African rhythms with contemporary Western musical influences to create a unique sound.

Since debuting in 1990, he has showcased his versatility and innovative approach as a producer, singer, songwriter, and performer, he is beginning to make waves with his unique compositions and innovative style.


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Nah Nah” isn’t just a song—it’s a window into a real-life journey of emotions. Imagine this: knowing you’ve messed up but desperately wanting to make things right. That’s the journey “Nah Nah” takes you on.

I’ve experienced the pain of making mistakes in relationships, feeling the weight of guilt as I watched the person I love start to walk away. But in those moments, I realized something crucial: love isn’t about being perfect; it’s about owning up to your flaws and fighting to keep that special connection alive.

So, when I wrote “Nah Nah,” every lyric came straight from the heart. It’s a raw, honest plea for forgiveness, a promise to do better, to be better. Because when you truly love someone, you’ll swallow your pride and beg them to stay, no matter what.

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