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Hey, friend! We use cookies to make your experience on Alabamann’s site even better. Here’s how and why we use them.

What Are Cookies?

At Alabamann, we value respectful and professional communication in all interactions within our online community. Whether you’re interacting with us via email or sharing our content on social media, we kindly ask that you follow these guidelines:

  • Cookies: Small text files stored on your device to help us remember your preferences and understand how you use our site.
  • Types of Cookies:
    • Essential Cookies: Necessary for basic site functionality.
    • Performance Cookies: Help us understand how you use our site so we can improve it.
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Marketing Cookies: Help us deliver relevant ads and track the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns

Managing Cookies

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    Hey there! We want to give you control over your cookie preferences. Here’s how you can manage them.

    Cookie Categories

    • Essential Cookies: Always active. These are necessary for the website to function.
    • Performance Cookies: Helps us improve your experience.
    • Functional Cookies: Remember your settings and preferences.
    • Marketing Cookies: Helps us show you relevant ads and measure our marketing.

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